Dreams and Visions

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Sanando mientras duermes

My Dream World

To my son

This Dream World of mine is so full of its own life,

a rich spirit world awake and alive.

I see all my past and my future at sight,

my healers and guides work with me all the night.

They teach me to slow down and go to the heart,

and receive their true love from no other part.

My poor little ego goes out of control,

it rests through the night without its inner patrol,

If you starve for adventure and are eager to go wise,

You just need to lie down and the magic will rise,

no matter your fears make you hide as the mice,

They repair your old traumas and ill fated path,

all the good spirits show you all this will pass.

Bringing the answers you’re hoping to rip

good feathered beings come in while you’re asleep.

It is not very funny to see you are on fear

you have to get courage to go inside deep.

The reward is amazing though it seems awkward gazing,

but if you wish to be saved by an angel of light,

go deep into your sleep and they will come to your heart.


Blanca Patricia Pando




Dreams and Visions

What are dreams? Dreams are a divine pathway to find what we really are. God created us perfectly, a perfect instrument, and as you know perfect instruments come with perfect handbooks to understand what they are, what they contain, how they operate, and how to obtain the utmost satisfaction with them. Our wizard to obtain all the answers we may have is revealed in our dreams. Handbooks for precise instruments also contain troubleshooters as you know and that is another characteristic of dreams. Dreams may be compared with troubleshooters. They give you guidance on how to “fix” yourself. They tell you where the problem is, and they also tell you the task to solve the issue so that you can find your way into your essence and that you may “discover” who you really are.


The art of discovering who you really are, not what you thought you were, is one of the most challenging tasks in a human being. You are aware that there are lots of people who die without ever finding out which were there gifts. This is such a pity; they just didn’t find the gold because it was hidden within their own psyche. It is like if Santa Claus left you the most wonderful gifts for Christmas and you never saw them, and therefore never opened them, you always thought it brought you coal because you were bad and lived your whole life without ever realizing that you possessed this incredible treasure, and the gifts were there within yourself, while you just weren’t able to find them because you didn’t remember your dreams. That is why it is so important to remember your dreams and then learn to interpret your own dreams and those of the people you love.


Our mind lives in what the great gurus call Maya or the world of illusion. Our mind introduced in its memory certain circumstances, almost always unpleasant, and from those circumstances it creates its concept of the world. That is why, we can perceive that most people have a simple issue throughout which his (her) live revolves. If we start making an analysis of our own life and about the life of the people we know we may realize that our own life and that of others is always spinning around the same thing.


Lets analyze a typical example of that who says “I don’t have any money”, that person may earn a lot and then misspend it to keep making that idea valid, he (she) may even put himself (herself) in the situation in which he (she) is robbed or to be in situations that what is important is not having money, the person may even generate millions, and money continue being an issue because it is invest it in such a way that he (she) will not have money to do what he (she) needs and the “I don’t have any money” will continue being valid.


Another very typical example is “All men or women are the same” because of course we are going to relate with those which are the same and we will therefore obtain the same result and our little ego, or in other words, our neurosis will repeat one time after the other those painful results achieving what Freud named repetition compulsion.


As you may see when we are immersed in this pattern there is no free will, we seem to be trapped in the world of illusion and there seems to be no way out. But there is, the way out is to realize that we may live different things besides those which brings us suffering and fear.


Well and you might say: What does this have to do with dreams? To what I  would answer that it has everything to do with dreams because by means of our dreams we may clearly see the world of illusion and that once we know that is not “the truth” but only the world of illusion we may choose to get out of it if we want  and stop being “monothemic”.


Therefore dreams are very important, because the clues for your progress into enlightenment are revealed while you sleep, and if you don’t pay attention to your dreams you are neglecting one of the most perfect tools designed by God for your self-discovery.


Visions are exactly the same that dreams the only difference is that dreams occur while you are asleep and visions occur while you are awake. Visions normally occur while you are in a meditative state or in another state of consciousness that is not necessarily asleep. Visions are interpreted in much the same way as dreams.



Types of dreams


Divine dreams.- There are beautiful biblical stories of Divine dreams, in which God gives you divine instructions for you or for humanity. You can read the story of Joseph the Dreamer, which is one of the major biblical heroes of divine dreams and of the gift of dream interpretation.


Guidance dreams.- This are the type of dreams in which your spiritual guides give you the precise and accurate information you need in order to deal with a specific situation, this is true for small and big things. You can ask for guidance for most anything, and then go to sleep and the next day you know exactly what to do, whether you remember your dream or not, you just “know” the answer. We’ve all experienced this; this is why we have to sleep problems over in order to have certain answers. This kind of dreams is very useful when you loose important things to you and you want to find them, and when you don’t know how to deal with a situation.


Prophetic dreams.- This is the type of dreams which most people fear and like the most. The main characteristic to discover if your dream is prophetic or not is that sequence is its major element, that is, if you are having a dream in which the sequence is the most relevant aspect in your dream, it means that you are being the channel to know the future. When the future is revealed ahead of time it happens for a reason. The reason may be that you are better prepared to deal with the situation, and sometimes you have also been given the knowledge to change the course of events.


Healing dreams.- There are certain dreams that appear to show you and work through what you need to heal, either physically, emotionally or spiritually. In this kind of dreams you can obtain all the help you can ever ask for, that is why you may sleep having a pain or disease and when you wake up it is gone.



Psychological dreams.-  This are the type of dreams that will help to heal your mind. Our brain is full of useful and useless material. It contains truth and contains lies about you and about the world. Therefore, useful material and truth has to be strengthened and useless material and lies have to be thrown to the wastepaper basket. Dreams help you to discern truth from lies and useful from useless, then they also help you to discharge whatever you don’t need in your system any more.


Wish fulfilling dreams.- This are one of my favorites. If you are in a diet you can eat as many Krispy Cream doughnuts and as much chocolate ice cream as you want. If you don’t have any money you can win the lottery. You can go to Neiman Marcus and buy as much as you want. You can marry prince charming or travel to Disneyland. These types of dreams are a replica of what we get when we live in the other side or the spirit world, you just need to imagine it, and you can have it. This type of dreams helps us to deal with the frustration caused by unsatisfied desires.


Nightmares.- One of the most important tasks we human beings have, is to deal with our fears. Nightmares reveal our fears. They show us what is exactly what we fear because we “live” our fear in Technicolor without necessarily having to act it out in order to obtain the awareness of this sensation in real life. Remember what Master Yoda says: “Fear leads to anger and anger leads to pain”. We definitely need to deal with our fears in order to feel safe on Earth and therefore have the courage to love.


Never eat very heavy meals before going to bed, this interferes with your normal dreaming cycle and you could have unpleasant dreams.


Astral attacks.- Astral attacks may be confused with nightmares because they make you feel real anguish but aren’t really nightmares. Astral attacks are negative energies attacking you while you are asleep. This is a symptom that your sleeping space must be cleansed through prayer, incense, sunlight, white candles, or any other means available to you. You need a sacred and safe place to sleep so you need to energetically cleanse your rest area whenever you are feeling astral attack.


Past life dreams.-  There are dreams in which you see yourself in a different country, people you know but that you haven’t met in this life, you are dressed differently, have different parents, brothers and sisters, and maybe a different gender. These are past life dreams. This kind of dreams make yourself available in this life whenever you are repeating a lesson that was already learnt in a past life or whenever you didn’t learn the lesson and you are going through a repetition compulsion, that is repeating exactly the same pattern which hurts you the most.


Wet dreams.- Whenever sexual energy doesn’t have a healthy outlet you have a wet dream in which you obtain a sexual discharge to release tension.


Death dreams.- When you dream that you die or someone you love or hate dies, that doesn’t mean that you are going to die, it means that a part of you needs to be transformed to give a safe place for the new to arise in your life. If you dream you die you don’t die in real life, but maybe certain unhealthy parts of yourself will.


Night terror.- There are many kids suffering from night terror. This may be due to many things. Family trouble that isn’t dealt with by the family but that is felt by the child. Alcoholism and drug addiction in parents cause this feeling of loss of control and the kid looses the safety required by a sober parent or guardian, and therefore they could start having night terrors as a symptom. You could also check if the child has an attention deficit disorder.


Night terror may sometimes occur due to a power animal approaching a child in need to protect or guide the child (as in the movie Pete’s Dragon), but which the child may fear. Power animals may come in the form of wolves, snakes, eagles, tigers, dinosaurs, dragons, etc., that is why they may seem threatening, but they really aren’t and you need to teach your child to befriend his (her) power animal, because they are there to protect them not to harm them. Power animals are a type of angels living in a lower realm to angels themselves, but are normally there for protection and guidance, not to hurt. Never tell your child “It is not there” because you can’t see it, rather tell the child to become his (her) friend.


Vivid or lucid dreams.- Vivid or lucid dreams are what may be called astral travel. Astral travel is being able to spiritually travel wherever your heart wishes or needs to go while your body is lying in your bed. You can go visit your ancestors are in the other side, go visit your lover while he (she) is in another country or even next door. You can visit heaven or hell at your choice. A good thing to do while you do astral travel is to ask for the company of your spiritual guides, so that you will be protected wherever your spirit decides to visit.


Recurrent dreams.- Recurrent dreams are very important to analyze. This type of dreams is very important because they have a hidden message that the dreamer hasn’t yet been able to fully understand. Therefore, your higher self delivers and redelivers the same message over and over again for you to really get the message. This is like when the owls in Harry Potter’s movie kept sending the same letter until Harry was able to receive it.


Past memories.- There are many people who doesn’t remember a thing about their childhood. Historians say that whenever history isn’t remembered you are condemned to repeat it, that is exactly what happens to us, if we don’t remember what happened in our childhood we are condemned to repeat it over and over until we do, and dreams help us remember.


Dreamer’s gadgets


Including your physical world in your dream life .- There is an instrument in the sleeping cycle that will make you remain asleep whenever there are situations that might attempt to wake you up. For example, many kids get wet at night because they were dreaming they finally reached the W.C. during sleep time. You may dream you turned off the alarm clock, woke up and went to school or the office, while you are still asleep. Maybe your stomach aches and created a bad smell and that will also appear in your dream in some other form. This is a way the human body has to keep you asleep and resting, that is normal, when it starts becoming a real problem in your daily life you could check with your doctor to see if there is any emotional or physical problem. This could be a symptom of an attention deficit disorder.


I’d like to share a funny example of this kind of dreams I received through the Internet:

Ralph came home drunk one night, slid into bed beside
his sleeping wife, and fell into a deep slumber. He awoke before the Pearly Gates, where St. Peter said, "You died in your sleep, Ralph."
Ralph was stunned. "I'm dead? No, I can't be! I've got too much to live for. Send me back!" St. Peter said, "I'm sorry, but there's only one way you
can go back, and that is as a chicken." Ralph was devastated, but begged St. Peter to send him to a farm near his home. The next thing he knew, he was covered with
feathers, clucking, and pecking the ground. A rooster strolled past "So, you're the new hen, huh? How's your first day here?" "Not bad," replied Ralph the hen, "but I have this
strange feeling inside. Like I'm gonna explode!" "You're ovulating," explained the rooster. "Don't tell me you've never laid an egg before?" "Never," said Ralph. "Well, just relax and let it happen," says the rooster.
"It's no big deal." Ralph did, and a few uncomfortable seconds later, out
popped an egg! Ralph was overcome with emotion As he experienced
motherhood. He soon laid another egg -- his joy was overwhelming. As he was about to lay his third egg, he felt a smack on the back of his head, and heard his wife shout.....
"Dammit, Ralph! Wake up. You're shitting the bed!"


Censorship.- In case of rigid personalities, our ego is in charge of censuring our dreams, therefore we might have a very rigid oniric life and not be able to remember a thing. Or you may be dreaming you are making love with Tom Cruise to suddenly find out it is your husband. You don’t ever even dream to do such an unacceptable matter. This is because your superego we all have inside, that may sometimes be dreamed as the police, a guard or any authority figure, has full power over the self.  This is a signal that you are living in your ego ideal and not in real self, and that you will have to work to take away the mask and let yourself be known in what you really are, that is nor your ego ideal but your authentic self.


Sleeping pills. Sleeping pills are the worst enemy of your dreamer. If you intend to access your dreams you definitely need to quit your sleeping pills until you sleep without them because your dreamer’s wizard falls asleep as well and you can’t recover the wealth of information available to you through your dreams when you use sleeping pills. You’d rather exercise to get real tired, and believe me, if you exercise a lot, you sleep, no other choice.


What to do if you don’t remember your dreams.- First of all you need to know that dreams are important. Therefore you need to pay attention to your dreams and don’t discard them as nonsense. Secondly, you need to have a piece of paper and pen beside your bed so that you can recover your dream the very moment to wake up. If any of this works, then you need to use an alarm clock waking you up at a time you don’t usually do, recover your dream and go back to bed again. It is worthy. You will obtain such important information about you that this is worth the trouble.


Dream interpretation

Dreams appear in code and therefore need to be interpreted or decoded. Dream interpretation is not a science it is an art, so you cannot say that one type of dreams always means the same thing for a different person.


In order to interpret a dream you need to learn about the meaning of symbols. The more you know about symbols, the best dream interpreter you become. Although there are universal symbols, they don’t necessarily mean the same in all parts of the world, therefore you need to connect to the person’s soul and you need to know what this person is going through. This means that in order to be a good dream interpreter you need to use empathy. Empathy is to be able to be in the person’s feet. If the person wanting a dream interpreted doesn’t want you to see his (her) soul, you won’t be able to interpret his (her) dream.


So the clue to dream interpretation is to really let other see you, if you are not ready for that then don’t tell anybody about your dreams but if you have the courage to tell your dream to a dream interpreter you will most likely learn about yourself.


Once you have received the interpretation by a dream interpreter, you will start learning how to interpret your own dream and the dreams of others and be able to contact the spiritual world, where the most unimaginable can happen. This is so much fun!

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